IT Solutions by Fencig

What exactly is Fencig Enterprises, Inc.?

We are a full service IT resource created with the small business owner in mind. We provide equipment, support, training, planning, and other functions that are often out of reach for the small business. Our desire is to provide services normally only gained by companies that can afford the costs of a full time IT staff. However, we provide these services at a fraction of the cost.

How can a company provide these services
at a fraction of the cost?

By providing the services to several companies at once. Our market is the small business, which usually has 5-20 workstations. These businesses don’t usually have the resources or enough work to justify a full time IT employee. Many of these businesses have little or no internal tech support and rely on outside PC repair shops should something happen. We feel that we can provide a better solution by providing IT services, on site, to several small businesses, allowing them to have many of the same benefits of a large company while paying far less.

Here at Fencig Enterprises, Inc. we want to be your affordable small business IT staff. We don’t cater to large businesses or the home user and thus can focus on the needs of our small business clients. Our goal is to make your network systems more efficient and effective. Thereby making you more profitable. We also seek to help you protect your business from disaster, data theft, disruptions due to viruses/malware and so on.

In today’s economy, it’s harder and harder to add costs. However, the technical side of business is growing as fast as ever. Businesses of all sizes must keep up in order to stay competitive and safe from attack. How do you do both? You do both by using current resources more efficiently and adding resources that help your business become more profitable, while maintaining security to your critical and confidential information. Contact us and let us show you how we can help you do this.