Client  Referrals and Comments

“We tried 3 different computer consultants who had difficulty finding time to help with our computer systems. It was such a relief to have Nate be so responsive when we had computer problems. When our network went down after a lightning storm, Nate was at our office within a couple of hours. He has a thorough understanding of computer networks, and was able to troubleshoot complicated software and hardware settings. He devoted the time needed to help us recover from this problem.

When there is an occasional detail he doesn’t have experience with, he is able to find the answers in a short amount of time. He also checks in periodically to make sure our systems are still working smoothly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nate to any small business needing a computer consultant on their team.”

— Joe Frank, Office Manager,

Broman and Jenkins Family Medicine,

Mason City, Iowa

“Computing in the Midwest can be a volatile, literally, endeavor. This spring a lightening strike took out my entire network in spite of the surge protection. I didn’t realize that the telephone lines could be a greater threat than power surges. In desperation, I called Nate for help. He arrived at the designated time, assessed the damage, and found an affordable solution. He explained my options in clear non-technical language and helped me to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each. We chose to remove the threat of another devastating strike by setting up a wireless server/print server that is no longer vulnerable to phone spikes. Within a few hours, he had my entire network up and running flawlessly.

I would gladly recommend Nate and Fencig Enterprises to any small business owner. He understands the need for expediency when working with you, knowing that more than ever “time is money.”

— Sally K, Owner,
Zaneta Publication Design

Hudson, Iowa