Network Installation

Do the terms Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 10/100Mbps, LAN, WAN, WEP, WPA and on and on give you a headache? Do you know how to set up a firewall protected network? Is your wireless really secure? Is your network setup a benefit or a detriment to your business needs and security?

Many small businesses don’t have the knowledge or resources to answer the above questions. Our network installation services takes the worry out of this by setting up a network that is both secure and fulfills your business needs. We start by examining your current network, how it is used and identifying potential risks and improvements. We then go over these results with you so that you know, in terms you understand, what we have found. We then design, implement and document a more effective network system, keeping you in the process every step of the way. That way, the next time someone asks if you have a reliable, efficient and secure network you can say yes with confidence.