Site Design & Set Up

Is your site well planned out, implemented and documented? If there is a network issue, can you find the connections quickly and make changes to correct the problem fast? Are all the workstations and servers working together to make your business more profitable? Or, is your system less than effective, with workstations that can’t see needed resources, wires running all over but no one knows to what or from where? If it’s the latter we can help!

Our site design & set up service is aimed at making your network clean, efficient, and easy to navigate and repair. We take a look at your whole site, its needs and current configuration. Then we map out a way to connect all your equipment in a clean efficient manner while providing for the physical security to servers, routers, and other equipment. Our goal is to provide you with a complete site design at both the physical (wiring, secure area, routers) and logical level (firewall, work groups/domain, VLANs, WANs). We then document the system so you have a map of how everything is set up when we’re done, thereby creating a clean and easy to navigate network for your business.