Do you know how to use a spreadsheet to make a cost flow analysis based on several cost centers and have it create reports and graphs automatically? Did you know that MS Outlook can organize the calendars of your entire department and assign tasks to its members? Do you know how to do basic PC upgrades, cleaning, and set up custom toolbars in Windows? Do you often think that there has to be an easier way?

If you have questions on how to do the things listed above our training services may be able to help. We can train on general topics like the ones listed above, or we can customize training based on your business’ current needs and knowledge level. Our training can be done by individual or for your whole business as needed. Most training is hands-on so that you can actually do what is being said rather than relying on memory and notes. We also provide documentation of the topics we’ve covered to help refresh your memory when using the skills later. Our goal is to provide you with new skills that can make the software you already have more effective and easier to use.